Nature Kindergarten

Contact with natural materials and water, earth, fire, animals and plants help children to understand the world and strengthens their physical and psychological development.

The nature kindergarten is based on the City Farm in Möhringen. We don’t have a normal building: instead the children are able to play outside all year round and experience the possibilities the City Farm and its animals provide. We have our own area in a quiet corner of the Farm, with a pair of wooden ’shepherd’s hut‘ styled wagons.

In the nature kindergarten children experience the passing of the seasons and natural world, because they spend the entire three years outside. They find and create their own toys from materials they find, and in doing so, develop their own creativity, and physical development, perception, and social and musical abilities.

At the same time the children develop self confidence and develop their unique personality by repeatedly taking on new challenges and discovering ‚I can do this‘, helped by the rhythm of the seasons and the planned rhythm of activities set out by our staff team.

In the nature kindergarten we aim to provide a space free of the constant barrage of toys, noise, and the busy adult world, by giving children a tactile, child-friendly space that they can fit into and change themselves.

The nature kindergarten is supported by the same charitable trust as the City Farm, which has been in existence for the last thirty years. Although the city of Stuttgart provides some financial support, we have to provide most of our running costs. Fortunately we have a lot of support from the families of present and past children, which enables us to keep doing the work we do.