In 1972 a group of parents started a charitable trust to open a new City
Farm in Stuttgart. In 1973 the farm of Möhringen opened on the one
hectare site we still use today, conveniently placed not only for
central Möhringen and Vaihingen, but also for the suburbs of Kaltental and

The first thing visitors see when they come to the Farm is the riding
area which is normally being used for riding training or riding therapy.
Next to this is our ‘hut village’ with a space to make a fire and lots
of huts that you can ‘rent’ free of charge and build a private space for
when you come to visit the Farm, and the adventure playground with its
long dark underground tunnel.

Beyond these we have our ‘farmhouse’ with a kitchen and common room,
office and toilets. It also contains the stables, hay barn, and play
space in the attic with a ‘secret’ slide out of the back of the
building. We also have a large and well-equipped making space with tools
for woodwork, metalwork and other art and craft supplies, and several
smaller buildings where the sheep, goats, ducks, chickens and rabbits
live, as well as several other animals.

The City Farm is a registered non-profit association with about 500 members.