City Farm

The City Farm in Möhringen is on a one hectare piece of land between the four suburbs of Möhringen, Vaihingen, Kaltental and Sonnenberg, surrounded by open meadows and gardens. Thanks to support from the city of Stuttgart we can offer most of our activities without any charge. The staff team consists of four full-time youth workers and up to 5 full-time volunteers.

In the mornings part of the farm is used by our own Kindergarten, while we also host several groups of visitors with special needs where we offer different therapeutic experiences including riding therapy. Afternoons are open for anyone between 6 to 18 years. Most of the children and young people who come on the ‘open’ times each afternoon are from the local towns, but you don’t have to live around the corner to enjoy the Farm.

At the City Farm you can try out all kinds of possibilities:

– Build your own hut in our ‘Hut Village’: make private space for you and your friends.
– Make bread on a stick on the fire with our youth workers.
– Climb high into the trees, relax in a hammock, or explore the underground tunnel in our large adventure playground.
– Make your own projects from wood and metal in our large, supervised making space, or join a workshop run by the staff, creating things from clay or fabrics, and learn new skills.
– Get to know the animals at the farm: Learn to ride the horses, help feed the chickens, geese, rabbits, donkeys, sheep, and goats.
– Join in one of the group games,
– Join a cooking and baking workshop.
– Come on a camp or a trip outside of the farm.
– Join in one of the parties and festivals.

And much more we can’t fit onto the website: It’s much more interesting to come and find out than just read about it online…

The City Farm is a charity and mostly supported through donations and membership fees, while the city of Stuttgart finances two staff positions and approximately half the running costs of the farm.

This means that we don’t have to charge for most of the things we do – we’d love it if you came and decided you’d like to become a member of the trust supporting the farm, but it isn’t required for your children to enjoy the farm. All we ask is, that if your children want to come regularly, you pay a small amount each year (usually about three Euros per child) to help cover our insurance costs.

When we go out on a day trip or a camp, there is a fee, but we will try to help if this is a problem for anyone. If your child wants to come but you have financial difficulties, please talk to someone on the staff team: We’ll handle it in confidence and help as much as we can.

The only other costs we ask you to cover are repairs in the event of deliberate vandalism to farm property.